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1.0 Shelter/Treatment Crisis

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The Shelter/ Treatment Crisis

There are less than 200 beds in the United States for victims of DMST in a nation with an estimated 150,000 victims and counting.   Victims, when rescued, have many complex and interconnected problems such as brain washing, Stockholm Syndrome, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, STD’s, and a multitude of other medical, nutritional and additional issues.

Specialized treatment requires a highly coordinated multidisciplinary approach including doctors, case managers, social workers and therapists, among others. As a result, it is not usually possible for rescued DMST victims to successfully return directly home to family without transitional treatment and transformational treatment. Lack of facilities has resulted in many rescued victims being kept in jails or in lock-down juvenile facilities without treatment.  Without treatment to address the complex issues and prepare them to return home, often they will run away or escape and return back to the world of trafficking.

Unfortunately, victims are currently rescued into a system that is not prepared for either placement or treatment. To further complicate the problem, the devastation inflicted on them by traffickers makes them too unstable to return them home to their families.  Quite often, they are addicted to narcotics, the adrenaline life-style and "the life."  Taking a 16 or 17 year old home to return to school is also an issue since most likely the last time she was in school was the 6th or 7th grade.

Often, for the victim's own safety they are placed in secure facility for their own protection and are kept there indefinitely at a judge's orders.

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Above is a photo of an actual jail cell in the U.S. where victims are kept for their own safety.  Currently, due to our lack of preparedness for the aftermath of this crime, the U.S. is the only nation in the world that keeps crime victims in a prison lock-down facility.

We are fighting a multi-billion dollar sex-slave industry on a budget, so we have no choice but to be smart.  Solutions will not be possible unless government, non-profit foundations, higher education, private business sector and the faith community collaborate.

Our ultimate goal is to be a catalyst in the development of a facility to provide safe shelter and restoration for victims of DMST, (under-age American victims of sex-trafficking.)  Currently one of the most pressing gaps in dealing with the aftermath of this crime is available facilities with staff trained and dedicated to serving this specific kind of victim. “Current data suggests that on average, it takes five to seven years from start to open the doors for this type of specialized facility for victims of human trafficking. Organizations seeking to open this kind of specialized care facility find many unique challenges and dilemmas which must be overcome.” Many of these challenges and dilemmas include lack of funding, lack of standards for care and recovery, and a low rate of recovery for victims which is less than one percent.

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