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Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers

What type of computer will I need?
Volunteers can use either a Mac or PC computer to connect and remotely contribute to our work.

How many hours will I need to contribute?
As a volunteer, it is up to you to decide how many hours you would like to contribute. We want our volunteers to be comfortable with the hours they are putting in and do what works best with their availability. Some of the work will be “project oriented” and some may have hard deadlines to coordinate with other contributor’s work.  There are some kinds of work with more soft deadlines.

Do I need to volunteer a set amount of time per week or month?
Many volunteer opportunities are work “as needed” such as at events, or even project work that is as needed like designing graphics for our website. Writing assignments are always available and you are free to take on assignments as your time allows.  

What hours of the day will I need to work?
For E-Volunteers much of the work can be done completely on your own schedule since you will be working remotely.  You are free to pick your own work time.  For Event Volunteers, the times you work will be dictated by the dates/ times of actual events.  

Is there a minimum or maximum number of hours for which I can volunteer?
There is no limit on how little or how much time a volunteer can put in. We want our volunteers to be able to choose the hours that work best for them.

How will volunteer duties be assigned?
Volunteers will be assigned duties according to their skills and experience, and according to the area in which they desire to work. We will factor in all of these with our needs to assign projects and assignments to our volunteers.

Can I work from home on my computer?
Yes, as part of our eVolunteer system, volunteers will be able to plug in from anywhere. As long as you have a Google account, we can grant you access to our volunteer documents to begin your work.

Will there be traveling involved?
Traveling will occur when there is an out of town event or speaking engagement. Travel is not mandatory for volunteers, but approved volunteers are welcome to join us during out of town events.

Will I be working with other FYP volunteers?
Depending on your assignments, you will be working with and collaborating  with other volunteers. If you are an e-volunteer, you might have assignments to collaborate online. If you are an events volunteer, you will be attending and volunteering at events with other volunteers.

Will there be any training involved?
Yes, training for both eVolunteers and events volunteers will be given.

What type of events will I volunteer at?
Our events include but are not limited to retreats, trainings, conferences, conventions, fundraisers, luncheons, galas and other large assemblies. Each event will vary in size, audience and purpose.

How do I use my gmail account?