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9.0 Prevention

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working with Freedom Youth Project Foundation to Combat Child Sex-Trafficking in America

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The rescue rate for victims is currently less than one percent. Low rescue rates highlights the importance of prevention. A big part of our work is to continue to develop prevention strategies to teach youth and parents about the dangers of human trafficking. We have created Liars and Posers to help teach youth prevention strategies and how they can protect themselves against the deception tactics used by traffickers.

Freedom Youth Project Foundation has spent almost two years developing prevention strategies to teach youth how to recognize the deception Traffickers employ to lead youth into the "trafficked life."

"Traffickers are quite skillful at picking naive targets
finding and exploiting a weakness, deception and 
manipulation.  Their methods are so good they get 
victims to go with them willingly. " 

Abduction in the trafficking world is almost passive. The skills they often employ would make you think they have had advanced psychological training.

Our prevention initiative project spanned many cases from all over the nation.  It included documenting the many ways that Traffickers approach, connect and deceive their victims.  By reviewing a large sample of cases it was possible to identify patterns, which could be used to detect deception.  The result was a system developed for youth to teach how to protect themselves by detecting deception.

The result was a ground breaking training called Liars and Posers (tm).  Since it's initial development versions of Liars and Posers training have been adapted for foster youth, foster parents, educators, and social services

To learn more about our Liars and Posers prevention program click here: