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Code of Conduct

Volunteer Code of Conduct
As a volunteer you are representing Freedom Youth Project. Volunteers should conduct themselves in a manner that is appropriate to that of Freedom Youth Project.

Volunteers of Freedom Youth Project should  strive to maintain a standard that reflects a positive example within attitude, physical appearance, and social media.

Volunteers should refrain from participating in obscene language or coarse behavior, as well as refrain from any physical, verbal, or emotional behavior that could be detrimental or h
armful to other volunteers, employers, and the public.

Volunteers who will be a part of youth training events should conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner toward all those involved.

Volunteers should be mindful of all their surroundings, especially when volunteering at youth training events, in order to ensure the safety of those involved.

Volunteers must not abuse their role in any way, nor they should they use their role as a volunteer as an outlet for personal cause, gain, or agenda.

Volunteers should always remember that we are here to serve others before ourselves and in order to do this we must set aside our differences and collectively work together in order to accomplish our goals.

Should a volunteer have an emergency or need to resign from his or her position at any time, please give notice to your volunteer coordinator in order to ensure that the necessary adjustments be made.

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