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4.0 Abduction

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Human Trafficking Training
Lesson Four: Abduction

"Traffickers are so good at getting victims

to go willingly, abduction is almost passive. "

What is Abduction?

The Use of Abduction

Abduction is not something that happens overnight. It typically does not involve suddenly kidnapping minors and forcing them into prostitution. More likely, it involves pimps and traffickers luring victims into their possession. They offer to take care of all of their needs and wants, and assert themselves as loving and trustworthy people. Abduction in the trafficking world is almost passive. The skills they often employ and their success rate would make you think they have had advanced psychological training.

The Abduction Process

All abduction starts with deception and begins when the grooming process is complete.  A predator selects his or her victims by selecting the ones who are most vulnerable. There are two methods of abduction: in-person and online abduction. Another way to distinguish between the two is to know that in-person predators are known as L.I.A.R.S and online predators are known as P.O.S.E.R.S. As mentioned in the previous lesson, the grooming process is what allows the trafficker or predator to establish the relationship of trust. Now that a trafficker has employed all his grooming techniques is it time for him or her to begin the “abduction process.”

How long does it take for a child to go missing?

  • A Child disappears at a rate of about 1 mile a minute (car going 60mph)

  • In 2 hrs, SEARCH AREA of 240 mile circle

  • Anytime leaves WITHOUT saying WHO, WHERE & WHEN

  • Makes it almost impossible to be FOUND

  • In 2 Days your SEARCH AREA is entire US.

  • At that point - HIDDEN/ MOVING Target

  • We want our youth to become  difficult targets not hidden, moving targets!

  • Traffickers are looking for the "easy" ones.

  • If our youth are difficult they'll pass on them!

In-Person Abduction (L.I.A.R.S)

After the initial 30 to 60 day grooming process is complete is when everything will begin to change.Slowly once trust has begun to be built, they will introduce the topic of sex and a return on their investment. The predator will tell the victim that they love them and will say things like if you really loved me, then you will have sex with these other men for money. By this time the victim has brainwashed so well and will believe that her “boyfriend” really does love her and she will agree to do what he wants.

Online Abduction (P.O.S.E.R.S.)

These predators will also employ the 30 to 60 day grooming period in which they will get their victim to believe everything they want them to believe and will establish a trusting and caring relationship. Once the relationship has been established, the subject of meeting in person will come up. Believing that the person is who they really say they are, they will agree to meet this “14 year old girl” in person only to find when they get to the location the 14 year old girl is actually a 40 year old predator and by this time it is usually too late for the victim to try and escape.

Below are our Liars and Posers acronyms which we use in our Liars and Posers training to help youths distinguish and protect themselves against traffickers.

L.I.A.R.S & P.O.S.E.R.S


L - Location
    Come with me or meet me at another         place.

I - Incredible Offer
    I don't know and you're offering                   something that is too good to be true.

A - Age Difference
    In the real world, older people don't talk     to people my age.

R - Reaching out
    I don't know you and you're trying to be     my best friend.

S - Stranger
    We don't know each other, why are you     even talking to me?


P - Prying
    Being too nosey, where do you live? Go        to school?

O - Open Book
    Talk too much about themselves and you     don't even know them.

S - Strangers
    You are friends with a lot of my friends,         but no one knows who you are.

E - Encounter
    Eventually will want to meet or may be in     a hurry to meet.

R - Relationship
    Best friends are developed over time -        Posers are way too fast.

S - Shared Interest
    Posers like what you like -- music,            movies and even foods.