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LiarsAndPosers Seminar


Liars And Posers is training on the deception techniques of predators who traffic youth as sex slaves. While this training is designed to teach pre-teens and teens it can be adapted in many ways.

  • Faith-based youth groups - The training can include a wrap-around curriculum which includes a discussion lesson on Biblical Justice.
  • Professionals who have contact with teens - It can be adapted for training of adults whose professions would potentially put them in contact with minors who are high probability trafficking victims. This would include law enforcement, medical providers, educators, social workers and others.
  • High Probability Victims- Liars and Posers can be adapted to be delivered to youth who are currently "at-risk" in accordance with national data. This would include but not be limited to youth in foster care systems, children with history of sexual abuse, first time non-violent offenders, youth documented history or truancy or runaway and homeless youth.

Current Liars and Posers Development Initiatives
  • Modifications - amended outline for presentation
    • 1 Human Trafficking is Real, Here and You
    • 2 Real Stories
    • 3 How Deception is used by Predators
    • 4 Anyone an be a predator
    • 5 Recognize predator by spotting Deception
      • Face to Face deception
      • Online deception
    • 6 How to react to deception
    • 7 How CHOICES impact our safety
    • 8 Going forward Do's and Don'ts in the world and online
  • additions/ changes to existing training to include
    • Boyfriend pimp
    • Peer predators
    • The "Trip" you don't want take
    • The "door" you don't want to walk through
  • Wrap-Around-Curriculum - Bible lesson plan on Biblical Justice
  • Information for Parents - to provide assurance on how our training will handle sensitive topics
  • Communication Plan - to reach out to Agencies, School districts, Churches to schedule our training.
  • Corporate Sponsorship Presentation - to use when approaching corp sponsors
  • ADAPTATION - for Foster Care
Future Planned Initiatives

  • Photo Library - creating a library of owned photos for use in presentation and publications
  • Graphic Design enhancements - develop more refined graphics for illustrations

Liars And Posers Seminar MASTER

The following is a basic outline for the 1 hour long Liars and Posers training seminar:

Human Trafficking
  • Definition of Human Trafficking
It’s Real
  • Trafficking in the U.S.
  • Who traffickers are
It’s Here
  • Real Stories of trafficking in US cities
  • How and where traffickers find victims
  • How victims tell predators exactly what they want to hear
It’s You
  • Who are attractive targets for traffickers?
  • What are red flags to tell if someone is trying to traffick you?
  • Where to report suspicious activity
Where to go from here
  • Making better choices
  • Learning the system: Liars and Posers
Liars and Posers Human Trafficking training for youth is designed to empower (not frighten) teens. It teaches young people to “SAVE YOURSELF” and others from trafficking.


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