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More About Freedom Youth Project Foundation?

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Are We a Good Fit for Your Internship?

What Kind of Experience Can You Get with an Internship at FYP

Welcome to our community! As an intern we are pleased to have you on board with us. Our mission is totally dependent on your generous help and support. It is of the utmost importance to us that everyone involved with Freedom Youth Project (FYP) feels welcomed and protected in the best way possible. In order to protect our mission, the youth that we come in contact with, our volunteers, and you the intern, we ask that all volunteers, interns, and employees of FYP adhere to a Code of Conduct. Our work protecting youths and serving victims is important and we need and want your best.  This includes your best attitude, your best behavior, your best cooperation and your best abilities. In return for your best, our goal is to provide you with work that gives meaning to your life, and provides you experience in being part of a solution to a serious issue facing youth in America.

Code of Conduct

  • As an intern you may be assigned a task, event work,  participation in a team project or oversight on a project. We ask that you treat your acceptance of any assignment as a commitment to follow through and complete to the best of your abilities.

  • Interns of FYP  should  strive to maintain a standard that reflects a positive example in attitude, physical appearance and social media.

  • Interns should be respectful toward anyone they work with or meet in the course of their work. We ask that you refrain from using obscene language or participating in coarse behavior, as well as refrain from any physical, verbal, or emotional behavior that could be detrimental or harmful to other volunteers, employees or contractors, and the public.

  • Interns who work at events shall never enter or be in a room alone with a teen or minor, or be the only adult in a room with a group of minors. In addition, at events, your role will be to assist presenters or to staff an information table or booth. In order to ensure the safety of those involved, interns should be mindful of all their surroundings. Your role will never include supervision or directing youth or minors in any way.

  • Interns must not abuse their role in any way, nor should they use their role as an intern as an outlet for personal cause, gain, or agenda. As part of our mission we are learning to serve others. In order to do this we must set aside our differences and adhere to a spirit-of-cooperation to work together and accomplish our goals.

  • Interns may be assigned a Freedom Youth Project email. We ask that you please use caution when using or giving out this email. Interns must not abuse their email, nor should it be used as an outlet for personal cause, gain, or agenda.

  • Should an intern have an emergency or need to resign from his or her assignment at any time, please give notice to your intern coordinator in order to ensure that the necessary adjustments be made.

  • Interns may have knowledge of plans and initiatives before they are public. We ask you maintain confidentiality until they are formally announced by FYP. Interns will never represent themselves as spokespersons for the Foundation.

Intern Requirements
  • Interns will be assigned a Time Card to keep track of all intern hours.
  • Interns will need to have a Gmail account to access Freedom Youth Project online office. Depending on the role of interns, some may be assigned a Freedom Youth Project Gmail account.
  • Interns will need to complete a short training that includes an introduction to Freedom Youth Project initiatives, an introduction to what human trafficking is, and a short introduction to Project Central and how to use Gmail.
  • Interns will need to fill out and complete a background check.

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