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10/10/2011 - 10 at 10 for I10

posted Jun 22, 2012, 8:09 AM by Mary Lerma   [ updated Sep 19, 2012, 6:13 PM ]
Tomi Grover, founder of TraffickStop, championed an initiative called 10 at10 for I10. TraffickStop is an anti human-trafficking education and awareness campaign. Tomi Grover hosted 4 conference calls in each time zone, with callers from all over the nation including pastors whose churches are in proximity of I10. Callers joined in prayer for an end to human trafficking specifically taking place on Interstate 10 throughout the nation. Tomi has been instrumental in connecting leaders and organizations across Texas and the United States in the fight against human trafficking. Interstate 10 is considered the single largest lane where human traffickers move about the country on a regular basis. 10 at 10 for I10 is an additional ministry she began to bring prayer warriors together to stop trafficking on the heavily traveled trafficking interstate, I10. Callers from around the U.S. discussed and prayed about the problem of trafficking in the U.S., and for an end to trafficking along I10.