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Become LNP Certified Trainer

Get Certified to Deliver Liars and Posers

"The community you serve will always be at higher risk 

of exploitation until someone like you who has their trust 

teaches them how to recognize deception.

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We will train you on:
  • What is Liars and Posers
  • Becoming a Certified LnP Consultant
  • Getting Started
  • How to Promote Liars and Posers
  • Scheduling Training
  • Preparing for Trainings and Presentations
  • Delivering Training
  • Group Activities for Youth
  • Follow-up to Training
  • Your online Presence
  • Future Plans for Liars and Posers
Bring Liars and Posers to your community today!

Connecting with the Community
There are so many organizations, agencies and institutions who would want Liars and Posers™ Training for their youth IF they knew this training existed. You have to get out there to let the community know Liars and Posers™ is here and that they can offerit to their youth.

Why is certification necessary?

Because of the high sensitivity issues surrounding human trafficking, it is necessary to receive certification in all three seminar areas of the training program: Youth, Parents, and Public Awareness. Completing all three seminars will equip you with the knowledge you need to move forward as you begin your presentations.

What does Certification Mean?

Certification means that you are officially licensed to the present the Liars and Posers™ Seminars. you will be provided with full access to the Liars and Posers™ Training Notebook, Presentations for Youth and Parents fpr use in the community in the form a Public Awareness Presentation and you will also be granted access to online resources.

Courseware/ Materials/ Handouts

Liars and Posers™ training comes equipped with a Training Notebook, and access to Presentations for Youth, for Parents, and for use in the community in the form of a Public Awareness Presentation. It also includes online resources. In addition, resources are available to LnP Certified Consultants for purchase, including Liars and Posers™ flyers, Posters, Table Display Posters, and Brochures for Youth.