April 2, 2012 - Freedom Youth Project - announces a new initiative aimed at combating Human Trafficking through prevention training designed specifically for high target victims. In America, Human Trafficking affects adults and minors, and can exist in the form of labor or sex-trafficking. The single largest demographic affected are girls 12 - 14 years of age. Boys in this same age group comprise about 20 percent of underage victims.

Over a Year in the Making - Freedom Youth Project has spent over a year connecting with all the agencies involved in combating Human Trafficking, including federal/ state/ local law enforcement, prosecution, juvenile probation, legislators, and service providers to sexual abuse victims. Through research of past and current cases of trafficking accounts Freedom Youth has carefully compiled details related to manipulation, fraud and abduction to develop a training program to effectively teach pre-teens, teens and young adults how to detect deception from

predators. Predators rely heavily on potential victims to be naive to the dangers and off their guard.


Liars and Posers - Human Trafficking Training

Liars and Posers is a training seminar for pre-teens and teens designed to empower them with knowledge to keep them safe from the tactics of traffickers. The seminar provides a clear understanding of the issue of Human Trafficking in America and how it affects youth in America. The training is designed to be a simple & easy to remember system. By incorporating mnemonic device as a strategy for long term memory, it teaches teens and pre-teens to recognize potential danger utilizing red-flags. The training also highlights choices they make that will make them an attractive target for traffickers and choices that make them a difficult target for traffickers. It incorporates real stories of victims who have been trafficked.


While the information presented doesn’t shy away from tough facts, the purpose is not to frighten but to empower. Empowerment is provided through teaching of choices and recognition of danger signals.

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