Learn to Tell Our Story

Why You Should Learn to Tell Our Story 

If you were talking to a friend or a family member, would you be able to tell our story?    The most fundamental thing we do is communicate.  Communication, when effective allows us to help a parent understand how their choices can determine how attractive their child is to predators.  It allows us to impact a teen to better understand how to recognize deception, and how their choices determine if they are  an easy target for Traffickers.  When you talk to your friends family, your ability to share our story could impact whether they might care about this issue enough to want volunteer with us or provide us with financial support.  Your circle of influence is also the best place for us to find new volunteers.  
  Ultimately,  our ability to communicate our story helps determine how successful we are at our mission.

Speaking of Mission...

Mission Statement

Freedom Youth Project Foundation was founded in 2010 as a human rights organization, dedicated to fighting and preventing human trafficking of youth in America primarily through Public Awareness, Prevention and Restoration.  Everything we do is based on our core belief that childhood should be a wonderful and magical time in life that is filled with learning, exploring and discovering their gifts in life."

Our Mission Statement tells what we do, but most importantly it tells "why" we do it.  When people are curious to know about Freedom Youth Project, what they really want to know is "why was Freedom Youth Project organized?"

There are many people who need to know about Human Trafficking mainly because they have a child or children in their life that they love.  Unfortunately, we live in a time when information is everywhere and coming at us from all directions.   Information is so ubiquitous that often it has become like background noise where the TV or radio is on lower volume while we are working, reading, driving or doing something else that commands a higher level of attention.  Our email boxes are filled with things we didn't ask for, don't want, but often find ourselves distracted and taken off task by an intriguing message.  The internet, once known as the "information super-highway" has morphed into what is quite often a "mis-information super-highway."   All of these channels of information, "data" if you will, are competing with us that makes it challenging to reach our audience.

So, How Do You Explain Human Trafficking?

Human Trafficking is a global issue, and often it is connected to so many other crimes like drugs , black market organ harvesting, poverty, fair trade and many other global issues.  Human Trafficking has layers of complexity.  But, its always best if you keep it simple, relevant and urgent.    By making it relevant, you are making it "matter" to the person to whom you are speaking.  

    • "When I found out about Human Trafficking, I really thought of it as a "global" issue.  I knew that human slavery existed in other parts of the world.   Even though, I kind of figured it happened here in the U.S. as well, but I always thought people from these parts of the world were brought here.  
    • I  was shocked to learn that here in the U.S.  American victims of sex-slavery out-number foreign nationals 20-to-1. I also found out the primary target for Human Traffickers here is American girls age 12 to 14. That's when I realized these predators are going after our children and grandchildren"
    • "The Dept of Justice own figures indicate it happens on average 6 times a day in every state.  If you do the math, that's over 300 times a day here in the U.S.  But, in Texas it is about 25 times a day.
    • If you have children in your life that you care about, the most important thing you can do is learn more, because traffickers rely exclusively on finding victims who are "easy" targets because the child and the parent are naive ."