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Rules we Follow

Never Use Name of Trafficker (We may refer to trafficker as “a 40 year old man from Boston”  or “a man and woman from Dallas” or “a trafficking Ring operating in California”    We do not want a defendant or his/her attorney to google them-self and find our website.

Don’t Criticize Our Peers in the Fight Against Trafficking (Sometimes things done by Police, Legislators, Prosecutors, or other Organizations dont go like we would like.)   These are agencies and organizations we would be proposing, advocating change and paradigm shifts.  We will not be received will if we are their critics.  We can and should propose improvements that would make their jobs easier or more effective.

We Carefully select words that don’t have negative connotation. (we don’t use the word prostitute or pimp.  Instead we would use Victim, Teen, Minor, instead of prostitute.  We use the word Trafficker instead of Pimp.  We refer to what they do as “sex-trade” or “trafficking” instead of prostitution.  We find that readers don’t perceive prostitutes as victims.

Create Content with the following structure

  • state main point
  • when possible dispel a myth (all traffickers are men, all traffickers are strangers, etc.)
Body (can be one paragraph or multiple)
  • Tell the story (either of victim or trafficker, it’s important to learn about both)
  • Include relevant FACTS from story, city, age of victim, where taken, how rescued)
  • Include Teaching Moments (from many facts about Trafficking we have)
  • Include Photo, Graphic or Video where possible. The article “Pornography -- A gateway to human trafficking” is a good example of how to incorporate stories and videos into your article, though it does not have to the same length as this article.
3 Possible ways to conclude an article
  • What a parent, or child, or teacher, or police, or legislator, should know or understand
    • “Children need to be taught...”
    • “It would be beneficial for (law enforcement, teachers, parents, XX ) to be trained on...”
  • Perhaps what changes should happen to further efforts to end Human Trafficking
  • Where Solutions can come from for needed changes

NOTE: Authors only develop content. The task of finding images, developing graphics or locating media is not performed by authors.