Welcome Authors
"The Most Fundamental
 Thing We Do
is Communicate"
You are at the lifeblood of Freedom Youth Project. What you might not know, is the most fundamental thing we do is communicate.  It goes without saying that the effectiveness of our communication directly correlates to the level of success we achieve with all three tiers of our mission.  Our three tiered mission  includes: 

  • Public Awareness
  • Prevention 
  • Restoration
It is not how many people we speak to, but how many people "we reach" that matters most.  Effective communication is what allows us to transform a teen from an naive-easy-target to a savvy-difficult target.  It what gives us the ability to impact choices made by parents and teens that effect how attractive a target they are to predators.   Effective communication determines whether a church will open their doors to us and trust us to cover a very sensitive topic with their youth group.

Thank you for your contribution to our mission!