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You Are the Front Line
Many agencies are beginning to recognize they already have victims of human trafficking in the population they serve.  Your core mission may be to serve abused or neglected, or foster youth, or other population, however these all include unidentified victims of human trafficking.

The Life Cycle of Human Trafficking TM  often begins with a history of sexual abuse.    Victims of abuse who have not been trafficked, would score very high on any predictive model for high probability future victims. In the US there is a severe crisis in dedicated services for victims of human trafficking.  In fact, there are about 300 dedicated beds for an issue with an estimated 300,000 victims.  The most likely place victims can get services would be in agencies who provide services for sexual abuse, rape, foster youth, truancy, runaway, and at-risk youth.  If your agency serves any of these populations you are the front line.

"Human Trafficking  has officially  passed  drug trafficking to become the  number 2  crime globally.   It is fast  becoming a priority for law enforcement agencies.  Victims are now being rescued  into  a  system  that  is  struggling  to   serve  them."

Currently there is a lack of shelters and services dedicated to serving the needs of trafficking victims. It is well documented that agencies who provide services and support to the abused and neglected currently have “unidentified” victims of trafficking as clients.  Failure to identify, is the most critical factor in the delivery of services.

Human Trafficking in America

Failure to identify victims of trafficking has many serious consequences.  

As a result:

  • Victims are treated as criminals rather than victims by law enforcement and the justice system.

  • Victims recognize a system that does not support them, so they return to their victimizers.

  • Because we fail to identify them, we fail to meet the need in the U.S. for more facilities in which to house and treat them.  

  • Care and treatment plans fail to identify additional needs.

  • Destructive behaviors are not addressed.

  • The cycle of victim to victimizer repeats.

Watch This.

Get Trained, Be Ready.
We Can Help.

Freedom  Youth  Project  Foundation  has established a solid reputation  as  a  credible 

source  for information on Human Trafficking 

in the U.S.  This  has been  accomplished by developing  a track-record  for  development 

and  delivery  of  trainings  in  the  formats of 

seminars,   conferences   and  staff  develop-

ment. These  trainings  have  been attended  

by   professionals    of   multiple    disciplines 

including    law   enforcement,   social   work, 

counseling,   therapy   and medical  profess-

ionals.   Agencies  such  as United Way and 

Childsafe  have   sponsored   events   which 

provided a   forum   to   provide  our training 

for the professional community.   In addition, 

the  foundation   has   provided  staff  devel-

opment  and   client  (foster parent) training 

for  the  state   agency   charged  with  child protective services in Texas. 

       Comments from previous attendees:

“This information needs to be available...” - LMSW

“I learned the complexities of a survivor accessing help” LMSW

“I understand the after-care improvements needed for victims”  Soc. Work Supervisor

“I now know what to look for in potential victims. Great Speaker...”  RN, Sexual Abuse Nurse Examiner

Who Benefits from Our Training?
      • Social Workers
      • Counselors
      • Case Managers
      • Medical Professionals
      • Law Enforcement
      • Intake Personel
      • Support Staff
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